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San Diego Cerakote, a division of Parallax Tactical LLC was started in early 2013 to meet the needs of Parallax's manufacturing need for their line of AR-15 rail systems. Soon customers started to request custom finishes on their firearms and we fulfilled that need ever since. As of October 2013, we've undergone the Factory Training and Certification process to become an official Factory Trained and Certified Cerakote Applicator. We are one of the only Factory Trained and Certified Applicators in San Diego County. We pride ourselves on doing the best possible job, using the recommended Factory tools and supplies on each and every project.

We use stock a wide selection of Cerakote "H" and "C" series paints and Duracoat finishes. Any color that that is required can be special ordered to get the job done. Parts are prepared using Aluminium Oxide media afterwards all parts are properly degreased. A high quality hybrid airbrush/HVLP system is used that is specifically designed for small parts. The preparation process ensures the resulting finish is high quality and long lasting. We use a electronically controlled medical oven to bake Cerakote along with an external thermometer with an alarm and timer to ensure parts are baked with precision.

Various stencils, nets and overlays are now stocked to create interesting free-hand camos, snakeskins and leaf patterns on your project!

Other applicators have been found cutting corners by simply scuffing up parts with sandpaper and applying finishes without regard to longevity of the finish, baking in ovens not designed for finish work or even baking in small residential grade ovens. Finishes applied this way often wear off in months time. Properly applied Cerakote will last for years as seen in their various tests.

HVLP Airbrush Gun

A minature version of popular HLVP guns, similar to the ones used to professionally paint car bodies, this spraygun allows detailed spraying of small parts with a broad, even atomized coverage. Our factory trained techs have learned how to adjust our airguns to properly apply Cerakote.

Laboratory Grade Oven

High quality microprocessor controlled oven ensures precise temperature regulation that results in stable heating times that produce superior finishes. Insulation ensures quick-heat recovery and uniform oven temperatures.


Aluminium Oxide blast media is utilized in the preparation process to ensure proper surface preparation before application of paint. A unprepared surface virtually guarantees flaking, abnormal wear and substandard application.

Black Aluminium Oxide Blast Media

70-120 grit media is used to blast off old, worn finishes on steel based firearms before application to ensure the surface is properly prepared.

Industrial Grade Air Compressor

We utilize an industrial grade air compressor with plenty of air for the job. Some applicators will use a tiny airbrush compressor, which leads to uneven spray patterns and volume. We've been trained by the factory to adjust air pressure to exactly what is recommended for optimal coating.

Water/Air Filter

All air sources are filtered for water to prevent splotches showing up in the finish. We purge all shop air before starting a job to ensure minimal condensation in the lines. These filters work by filtering water through a mesh screen usually made of copper.



Leafs, rocks, sponges and other objects are used to create interesting overlays on projects. We can attempt to replicate almost any look.

 Snake Skin

We use various nettings and webbing patterns to create this look. If you have a image of a firearm with a pattern you would like for your project, we can make it happen.


Webbings and fabrics are used to create this interesting pattern.

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