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Shipping us Firearms

In order for us to receive firearms, you must include your Drivers License as a form of ID when sending it personally.

If coming from a FFL, their FFL must be included in the shipment along with a CFLC (California Firearms Licensee Check) verification letter.

Please note that you cannot send us any Assault Weapons, as defined on this flowchart. We are in the process of obtaining our assault weapons permit, which will allow us to receive those types of firearms.

If you are sending your firearm disassembled, you must include an itemized list of parts or we will not be responsible for lost parts. It is also a good idea to list which parts you would like in whichever finish you choose.

Return Shipping

Return Shipping will generally is under $20. We prefer shipping to be pre-paid at that $20 rate, however we can charge actual return shipping upon completion of the job.

Cerakote walk-ins welcome. Please e-mail ahead for best service.

Retail Location and Hours

9030 Carroll Way

Suite 3

San Diego, CA 92121

Look for the 76 Gas Station
Corner of Miramar and Eastgate Mall 

Monday: CLOSED 
Tuesday: 12pm to 7:00pm 
Wednesday: 12pm to 7:00pm 
Thursday: 12pm to 4pm
Friday: 12pm to 7:00pm 
Saturday: 12pm to 7:00pm 
Sunday: CLOSED